Your Home Isn't Complete Without a Strong Roof

We offer roof installation services in Avon, Clayton & Plainfield, IN

Constantly paying for roof repairs can add up quickly. Call Renewed Restoration when your roof is beyond repair. We help homeowners in the Avon, Clayton and Plainfield, IN areas save money with reroofing services. Our team has over 19 years of experience removing damaged roofing and installing brand-new shingles.

You can hire us to install better roofing materials made of asphalt, slate, tile, wood shake or metal. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your reroofing services.

Know when to call or text us

There are common signs you can look for when deciding if your roof is past repair. You need our roof installation services if you notice your current roof has:

  • Large leaks
  • Multiple missing shingles
  • Significant storm damage
Take the first step toward having a more protected home by hiring us for roof installation services now.

Upgrading your roof with a cost-effective method

Don't want to install a completely new roof? Reroofing may be the right option for you. Consider reroofing if your roof...

  • Has minor leaks and damage
  • Only has one layer of shingles
  • Has missing or warped shingles

Renewed Restoration takes on reroofing projects in Avon, Clayton and Plainfield, IN. By installing a new layer of shingles over your existing shingles, we'll protect your property while helping you save money. Reach out to our roofing company today to see if reroofing is the right option for you. One of our experts will assess your roof and let you know what the best option for your property is.